To (re)watch the livestream you need a ticket that gives access to 1 of the Test & Tune Live days.

It is of course possible to enjoy the spectacle for 2 days. Tickets are available online, both in advance and during the broadcasts.
Having trouble using the livestream? See our frequently asked questions on this page.

Powerweekend test & tune live

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September, Powerweekend will go live with "The world's most powerful livestream"! More than 100 machines from 15+ different classes will be on the tracks of the Made's Powerweekend to measure their strength.

Unfortunately, Made's Powerweekend could not take place this year due to the corona measures. But no tractor pulling for a year? We really couldn't let that happen!

So make sure you are ready the weekend of September 12 and 13 to see the world's strongest machines pass over your screen.

Note: Powerweekend Test & Tune is an online event. It is not possible to enter the Powerweekend site. The site is completely closed off.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to buy a ticket?
This is necessary to be able to broadcast the live stream in a Powerweekend-worthy way. There is a lot of technique involved to match the feeling of a match taking place in front of you. We do everything we can to get the spectacle on your screen as well as possible. A ticket costs € 5.00 per day and € 10.00 for the entire weekend. Tickets are now available online!

How can I watch the live stream?
At this page (www.powerweekend.nl/livestream) you will find a large button with "View live stream" on Saturday. When you click on this, a screen will appear where you must enter the barcode of your ticket. We will therefore share the link to the livestream on our Facebook so that no one has to miss it.

Where can I find the barcode?
The barcode consists of a series of 10 digits and numbers. Click here you will find an example of an e-ticket with the barcode and click here for an example from a mobile ticket

At what time does the live stream start?
The livestream is available on both days from 1:30 PM and lasts until +/- 5:00 PM.

Which classes are running?
All classes and start lists are online at www.powerweekend.nl/live

Can I watch the live stream?
If you do not have time to watch live, you can watch the entire program at a later time. You do need a ticket for this, you can buy it at any time.

Can I come to the site to watch and / or take photos and videos?
No that is impossible. Test & Tune is not a public event. The site is therefore not accessible to visitors. Unfortunately, photo and videographers are also not welcome due to the measures we had to take regarding the Corona virus.


Program Made 'Test and Tune', Saturday September 12th 2020

TijdBaan 1 Red Shadow / Now MercyBaan 2 Keep Moving BlueBaan 3 Big Benz
13.30Modifieds (GN)4.5 ton Supersport (FS)3.4 ton Supersport
13.45Light Two Wheel Drives (N)
14.00Unlimiteds (GN)
14.15Light Two Wheel Drives (N)4.5 ton Supersport (FS)
14.30Unlimiteds (GN)
14.45Mini Unlimiteds (GN)
15.003.4 ton Supersport
15.15Mini Unlimiteds (GN)Supersport Trucks (T)
15.45Light Modifieds (GN
16.15Supersport Trucks (T)Sport Trucks (T)
16.30Light Modifieds (GN
16.45Sport Trucks (T)
17.00Modifieds (GN)


Program Made 'Test and Tune', Sunday September 13th 2020

TijdBaan 1 Red ShadowBaan 2 Keep Moving BlueBaan 3 Big Benz
13.30Modifieds (GN)Limited Superstocks (N)3.6 ton Supersport
13.454.5 ton Sport (FS)Prostocks (GN + N)
14.15Two Wheel Drives (GN)
14.30Two Wheel Drives (GN)
14.45Limited Superstocks (N)3.6 ton Supersport
15.00Superstocks (GN)Prostocks (GN + N)
16.00Superstocks (GN)
16.154.5 ton Sport (FS)
16.45Modifieds (GN)

note: Program can still change

Startlists - Saturday

Startlists - Sunday