Powerweekend Campsite

You can camp at Made's Power Weekend. On the terrain a campsite is set-up. Here you can stay in a tent, caravan or motorhome. There are toilets and showers available. You have to buy campsite tickets to enter the campsite.

Opening hours

The Powerweekend campsite is open from Friday 10:00 to Monday 10:00. Illegal camping is strictly prohibited. Do not come on Thursday therefore the whole terrain is closed for visitors on that day. Camping on the Power Weekend campsite is only possible for visitors who bought a camping-spot and camping ticket online. Visitors with a day pass or weekend pass can not use the Power Weekend campsite.


Cars are since 2017 no longer allowed on the Made's Power Weekend campsite. At the campsite a separate compartment is designed as parking space for visitors to the site. It is not allowed, except for emergencies, to have a car on the site after 22:00 until 10:00 in the morning. Caravans have to be placed and the car needs to be parked in the parking space.


Trailers, trucks and other vehikels are not allogeen on the campsite of Made’s Powerweekend. Sleeping is only possible in tents, caravans and fold-up tents.


There showers and toilets present on the powerweekend campsite. There is no electricity available.


If you want to barbecue during Made'spowerweekend, but you don't like to bring all the stuff you need from home. We have 2 perfect solutions

Butcher Jos en Roy Havermans
You can order everthing in advance at E.G. Slagerij Jos en Roy Havermans. (This is the local butcher who has his shop just about 100 m from the pulling arena. You can pick up everything there. That is including barbecue, gas and cutlery.Order »
Hoeve 't Boschend
At the other side of the pulling area, graze the Blonde d'Aquitaine cows of Hoeve 't Boschend. The animals are held there in a friendly way for both the cows and the environment.ly You can order meat for a BBQ, for example:d saucages, burgers or entrecote. A complet BBQ with bread, sauces and cutlery is also possible.Order »

Breakfast service

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we are selling various breads from the local bakery, on the campsite. From 07.30 to 11.30. To be sure of fresh bread or breakfast packages you can order in advance by contacting Marielle 06-23654775 or via email ontbijtservicemade@hotmail.com stating your name, telephone number and date.

Food and Drinks

One can bring food and drinks to the campsite only for personal use. Glassware is thereby strictly prohibited. The organization and security can search your belongings and thereby can take belongings in custody. Glassware is not only prohibited but also strictly controlled during all days. It is not allowed for visitors under the age of 18 to buy and/or consume alcohol.