House Rules

These conditions apply to all agreements between Stichting Made’s Powerweekend (the organization) and visitors to its events. When entering the Made’s Powerweekend location you agree to the following conditions. The Made’s Powerweekend can still receive more visitors every year, to make it a fun weekend for everyone, we stick to the following rules. Furthermore, we all wish you an unforgettable weekend.

  • The organization may refuse or remove persons from the event location in the event of misconduct or breach of these conditions.
  • There is no minimum age for our events, unless stated otherwise. Visitors must be able to identify themselves at all times with a valid identification.
  • Visitors under the age of 12 are only admitted when accompanied by an adult.
  • No alcoholic beverages are served to persons under the age of 18.
  • It is not permitted to make video and / or sound recordings of the Made’s Power weekend public without prior written permission from the NTTO and the Made’s Power weekend.
  • Visitors can be searched before and during the event. The person who does not submit to this can be refused access.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted by law in buildings and tents. This is only permitted in the open air or in the smoking area (s) present on site.
  • Visitors who do not adhere to this will be approached by our employees and risk being removed from the location of the event.
  • Made’s Powerweekend has a zero-tolerance policy in the field of drugs. If drugs are found by a visitor, they will be taken immediately and the organization may decide to refuse the visitor access to the site or, if the visitor has already arrived, to remove it from the site. In the case of possession of large quantities of drugs and / or suspicions / detection of deals, the visitor will be transferred to the police.
  • It is NOT possible to leave the location of the event in the meantime. Once outside, a new ticket must be purchased to regain access to the event. Visitors who are in possession of a combi-ticket for a multi-day event can of course come in on all days of the event in question.
  • Visitors are obliged to comply with regulations and / or instructions from the organization and its employees
  • Entering the venue of the event and attending it is entirely at the visitor’s own risk.
  • The organization is not liable for any damage or injury to visitors and / or goods belonging to visitors.
  • It is forbidden to bring the following items to the location of the event: professional photo, film and other (sound and / or image) recording equipment, laughing gas, perfume, drugs, glassware, fireworks, (fire) weapons and other dangerous items. When possessing legally prohibited items such as fireworks or weapons, the visitor will be handed over to the police.
  • For security reasons, camera surveillance may be present during the event. If necessary (in case of calamities or disturbances) the images will be made available to the police and / or the judiciary.
  • During the event, recordings can be made by the organizer and her partners. All visitors give tacit permission upon entry to the organization to reproduce, make public and / or exploit these video images and photo recordings.
  • It is forbidden to resell tickets to events of the organizer to third parties, to offer them for sale or to offer or provide them for commercial purposes, without prior permission from the organizer.
  • Any form of advertising before, during and after the event in and around the location is not permitted without the permission of the organization.
  • Parking in the areas indicated by the organization is at your own risk, the organization is not responsible for any damage. Cars that are parked elsewhere can be towed away.
  • The runways and the Parc-Ferme are prohibited access for unauthorized persons.
  • In situations not covered by these conditions, the organization decides.
    Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are not allowed to bring along. Only Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed to bring for your own use on the campsite. (Chilled drinks are available at a discounted rate at the campsite)
  • Purchased drinks at the campsite may not be taken to the competition grounds.
  • Re-distribution of drinks and / or food is not permitted without written permission from the organization.
  • Amplified music installations are not permitted. Only portable bluetooth speakers with a maximum capacity of 60 watts.
  • You can produce sound from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM. You will be warned once by the security. This is followed by seizure of the sound source. You can pick it up after the weekend on presentation of your proof of identity.
  • Open fires are prohibited, except for the use of a barbecue.
    Motorized vehicles, with the exception of motorhomes, are not permitted on the campsite.
  • Portable aggregates up to a maximum of 7.5 kVA are allowed on the campsite. The distance between the unit, the tent of your neighbors and your tent must be at least 3 meters.
  • Tents, caravans, folding trailers and campers are allowed. Any deviating overnight stay is not permitted. Until now this was tolerated, from the 2019 edition we will strictly enforce this at the entrance.

Last updated: March, 22th 2022

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Registration No. K.v.K. Tilburg: 18069898
VAT number: NL 8130.52.907.B.01