Terrain open from 16:00

  • 18+ €10
  • 10 t/m 17 years €5
  • t/m 9 years free



Terrain open from 12:00

  • 18+ €23
  • 10 t/m 17 years €11,50
  • t/m 9 years free



Terrain open from 09:00

  • 18+ €23
  • 10 t/m 17 years €11,50
  • t/m 9 years free

ATTENTION: Prices above are for online sales only, prices at the entrance are as follows.

Friday: 18+ € 12,50 // <18 €5 Saturday: 18+ € 25 // <18 €12,50 Sunday: 18+ € 25 //  <18 €12,50 Weekend: 18+ € 40 // <18 €20





  • 1 person 18+ €60
  • 1 person 10 t/m 17 years €45
  • 1 person t/m 9 years €15
  • People under the age of 18 years must always be accompanied bij an older person.




  • €5
  • With a car ticket you can park your car nearby the campsite. Alternatively you can park your car by the main entrance, this doesn't require a car ticket.



  • 7 x 5 meters €15
  • These campsite places are destined for Caravans, Campers, tent-trailers and big tents (8+ people). Besides the campsite place you need a campsite ticket to enter the powerweekend terrain.

    Attention these campsite places are forbidden for trailers. These are no longer welcome on the campsite.



  • The Kartent is a 2 person tent in 3 different possibilities. This tent is ready when you enter the Powerweekend terrain.
  • Kartent Basic €60
  • Kartent Complete (incl. airbeds) €85
  • Kartent Deluxe (incl. airbeds, pillows en sleeping-bags) €110



UPDATE March 9, 2020 9:30 PM

All campingsite tickets of the Made’s Powerweekend 2020 are sold out!


What are the options now?

- Buy a kartent, the kartent is a 2 person tent in 3 different versions. This is already ready for you upon arrival at the Powerweekend Camping.

- Make use of the tent field, for this you only need a camping card. You can only set up a small tent here. Campers, caravans, folding trailers or large tents are not permitted here.

- Stand at the campsite with your friends. A camping place is 7x5 meters. This may contain 1 caravan, camper or folding trailer, but several tents. It doesn't matter how many people you sleep on this surface.


In addition, the parking spaces at the campsite are sold out. If you sleep at the campsite and you come by car, you can use the regular parking space at the main entrance. Parking is free here, you can only go through the main entrance during opening times. Friday from 4:00 pm and Saturday from 12:00 pm.



There are 2 possible places available at the campsite: A campsite place voor Caravans, Campers, Trailer-tents and Big tents (8+ people) and a tents-field for small tents.

Which tickets do you need?

Campsite place: This is a ticket for 1 campsite place of 7x5 meters where multiple people are allowed to sleep. You will also need a campsite ticket for every person that stays on the campsite place, the campsite ticket gives you access to the powerweekend terrain.

Tents-field: The tents-field is available for small tents and doesn't require a campsite place ticket. To stay in a tent you only need a campsite ticket. This is a separate terrain where everyone can choose a spot and place their tents.

Example 1

I'm coming with 3 friends and we're staying in a caravan, what tickets do i need?

  • 4x campsite ticket
  • 1x campsite place
  • 1x car ticket

Example 2

I'm coming with 3 friends and we're sleeping in a tent, what tickets do i need?

  • 4x campsite ticket
  • 1x car ticket (optional!)

Alternatively you can park your car by the main entrance, this doesn't require a car ticket.

More about the powerweekend campsite »

Attention: Campsite tickets and campsite places can only be purchased through our website (untill thursday before Powerweekend.). It is not possible to buy campsite tickets or places during Powerweekend. (Full = Full).