By purchasing an entrance ticket or visiting the event, you agree to the House Rules and Terms and Conditions of Made’s Powerweekend Foundation. These are filed below.

Article 1. Definitions

1.1. ‘Organization‘: Made’s Powerweekend Foundation, with its registered office in Made registered under Chamber of Commerce number: 18069898 also the (legal) persons who are in charge of organizing an Event on her behalf.

1.2. ‘Event‘: every activity organized by the Organization including music parties, catering, festivals, parades and festival campsites, all in the broadest sense of the word.

1.3. “Visitor” means any (legal) person who has validly purchased or received an entrance ticket for an Event organized by the Organization and any person who wishes to gain access to an Event with a valid entrance ticket.

1.4. ‘Terrea‘: all buildings, (whether or not covered) spaces, fields, squares, etc. that are part of the area where the Event takes place, including the parking lots and walk-up routes.

1.5. “Access Ticket” or “Access Tickets” means a (digital) document provided by or on behalf of the Organization or a barcode provided by or on behalf of the Organization, which allows the Visitor to gain access to a specifically designated Event.

1.6. “Tokens”: coins issued by the Organization, which Visitors can purchase for an amount determined by the Organization, and which may be used as a means of payment during the Event at places designated for this purpose by the Organization.

Article 2. Applicability

2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to – and are an integral part of – any offer and agreement relating to services or products of any kind to be provided by the Organization, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

2.2. These general terms and conditions also apply to agreements that are concluded with or through (or through) official (pre)sales addresses designated by the Organization.

2.3. These terms and conditions also apply during the Event and to all (further) agreements that the Visitor enters into with the Organization (such as the purchase of Tokens, beverage and food and merchandise).

2.4. These general terms and conditions can also be consulted (and stored) via the Event website and can be accessed at the entrance to the Event.

2.5. House rules may apply to an Event. The house rules can be consulted via the website of the relevant Event and the Organization and are available for inspection at the entrance of the Event. The Visitor hereby expressly agrees to the relevant house rules and also declares to behave in accordance with those house rules.

2.6. Apparent errors or errors in the Organization’s offers relieve it of the obligation to perform and/or any obligations to pay compensation arising therefrom, even after the agreement has been concluded.

2.7. If a Visitor also orders an Entry Ticket or Entry Tickets for third parties, he declares to be authorized to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of those third parties and will point out to those third parties the applicability of the terms and conditions.

Article 3. Ticketing

3.1. The agreement between the Organization and the Visitor is concluded at the time the Visitor orders/buys one or more Tickets for an Event from the Organization or from an official (pre)sale addresses designated by the Organization, or by surrendering an Entrance Ticket by a person to gain access to the Event.

3.2. The Organization provides the Visitor with the One-time Ticket or the Tickets for the Event in question in a manner to be determined by the Organization (e.g. by e-mail). The Visitor declares to have proper means (such as a printer) to physically show the Entrance Ticket at the entrance to the Event.

3.3. An Entrance Ticket issued gives one person a one-time right of access to the Event.

3.4. Only the holder of the Entry Ticket who shows the Entry Ticket first at the Event will be granted access to the Event. The Organization is not obliged (but authorized) to carry out further checks with regard to Tickets whether the holder of them is also the rightful owner.

3.5. The Visitor must ensure that he becomes and remains the holder of the Entrance Ticket provided by the Organization or a (pre)sale address enabled by the Organization. From the moment the Ticket has been made available to the Visitor, the Visitor is liable for the risk of loss, theft, damage or misuse of the Ticket.

Article 4. Prohibition of resale

4.1. The Visitor is not permitted, without the express written consent of the Organization, to (re)sell, offer for sale and/or provide to third parties for or in the context of commercial purposes. Commercial purposes are any sale in which the seller receives a higher amount for the tickets than the Organization has determined for those tickets. If there would have been any action in breach of the foregoing, the Organization is entitled to invalidate an Entry Ticket without the Organization being obliged to refund any amount paid.

4.2. Without the written consent of the Organization, it is in no case permitted to distribute or draw Tickets to online and/or offline lotteries and/or sub-actions.

4.3. In the event of a violation of this article, the Organization is entitled to refuse access to the Event to the purchaser of the Entrance Ticket as referred to in the preceding article paragraph and to recover all resulting damage from this from the Visitor.

Article 5. Access to the Event

5.1. Only an original, valid and undamaged Ticket gives access to the Event.

5.2. The Organization may decide to provide Visitors with a case (such as a wristband), which makes it easily visible whether and to which the Visitor in question has access, hereinafter referred to as ‘ID- means’. The Visitor expressly declares that he will cooperate with this. The Visitor must carry the ID means with him at all times during the Event and on the Site in the manner indicated, and must not break any seal. Upon breaking the seal and/or loss, the ID means loses its validity and the Visitor can be removed from the Site and further access denied.

5.3. When visiting the Site, the Visitor will punctually follow the instructions of the employees of the Organization present there and employees of the police, fire brigade, GGD or other competent authorities.

5.4. At or before entering the Site, on the Site and also during the Event, the Visitor can be visited. The Visitor expressly agrees to that possible visitation. If the Visitor does not cooperate with this, the Visitor will be denied access to the Site.

5.5. In order to gain access to the Event and/or the Site, the Visitor must be in possession of a valid identification document (passport, identity card or driver’s license), which must be shown on request.

5.6. Minimum age for entry to the Event is 17 years, unless otherwise stated.

5.7. Access to the Event is possible from opening time to closing time. The times are listed on the Entrance Ticket and/or on the Event website. The closing time is not necessarily the end time of the Event.

5.8. Partly due to safety, it is not possible to leave the Site temporarily after entry, unless the Organization expressly agrees to this.

5.9. The following items are not allowed on the Site, unless otherwise stated in the house rules of the Event in question:
– brought food & drink;
– brought dietary supplements & proteins (protein);
– glassware, sharp objects, umbrellas, (fire-) weapons, laser pens; narcotics (drugs);
– vehicles (such as cars, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and bicycles); construction tents;
– pets;
– liquids such as (sprayers with) deodorant, lighter gas and perfume; sound systems, generators/aggregates, BBQs, stoves, refrigerators, tap installations, – large objects (such as sofa sets), confetti/partyploppers;
– clothing with discriminatory (such as nationalist and/or racist), offensive and/or threatening signs or expressions and also clothing with – signs or club expressions (such as football shirts);
– professional photo, film and other recording equipment.

5.10. It is only allowed to take medicines to the Event if:

  • − the medicines are still in the original and sealed packaging; and
  • − have the original package leaflet; and
  • − it can be demonstrated why these drugs are used.

If the aforementioned conditions are not met -or the Organization has other grounds to doubt the substances/medicines shown- then the Organization is authorized to take the medicines, without the Organization being obliged to reimburse the (value of those) medicines, and to deposit them in the designated bin.

5.11. The Organization may (have) confiscated found objects as referred to in Article 5.9. Legal matters – which are also valuable – can be collected after payment of a fee to be determined by the Organization after the end of the Event. Illegal cases will be handed over to the police. When finding illegal goods, the Organization may deny the Visitor access to the Event.

Article 6. Coins (Tokens)

6.1. Payment can only be made with the Tokens sold by the Organization during Events and on the Grounds, unless otherwise indicated by the Organization. Tokens are and remain the property of the Organization.

6.2. Tokens can only be purchased on the Site.

6.3. Each edition of each Event has its own Tokens that are only valid during that edition of the Event. Purchased Tokens are not returned and are not redeemable for cash.

6.4. Visitor is not allowed to (trans) sell Tokens.

Article 7. other provisions

7.1. Toilet facilities are available on the Sete. These are free of charge, unless otherwise stated. The Visitor is obliged to use those facilities. Pooping or peeing in places other than the toilet facilities is strictly prohibited.

7.2. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor locations/covered locations on the Site.

7.3. Throwing liquor or throwing objects is prohibited.

7.4. It is forbidden to bring property of the Organization. The removal of property from the Organization is considered theft. This is reported to the police.

7.5. The Visitor is prohibited from behaving in such a way that the order at the Event is disturbed.

7.6. In the event of destruction of property of the Organization or of third parties on or around the Site, a report is made to the police.

7.7. It is prohibited to sell goods on or around the Site before, during and after an Event without explicit written permission from the Organization.

7.8. Without explicit written permission from the Organization, it is prohibited to advertise in the broadest sense of the word before, during or after an Event on or in the vicinity of the Site. This ban includes advertising other events or things. Any form of advertising (such as distributing flyers or stickers, hanging posters or addressing Visitors) is prohibited. A fine of at least € 1,000 will be imposed on the Visitors (and/or persons) who act in violation of or have instructed to do so and/or the organization of the relevant event for which advertising is made.

7.9. It is not permitted for the Visitor who has not yet reached the age of 18 to purchase, carry, drink and/or try to obtain alcoholic beverages. Organization has the right to remove the Visitor who acts in violation of this article from the Site without the Organization being obliged to refund the entrance fee.

7.10. The Visitor, regardless of his or her age, is not allowed to provide alcoholic beverages (whether or not for a fee) to someone who has not yet reached the age of 18. Organization has the right to remove the Visitor who acts in violation of this article from the Site without the organization being obliged to refund the entrance fee.

Article 8. Media and media equipment

8.1. During the Event, photo and film recordings can be made on behalf of (or with an accreditation from) the Organization. The Visitor expressly agrees that image and/or sound recordings of visitors (and therefore also possible of the Visitor) of the Event are made on and around the Site and that these are distributed or operated through all possible media forms.

8.2. The Visitor is allowed to take photo equipment intended for consumers on the Site during the Event and make use of it. Consumer-facing photographic equipment means: digital compact cameras (with a normal and fixed lens), telephones with photo camera and disposable devices. It is not allowed to bring professional photographic equipment or accessories (such as an (extendable) tripod; including, for example, a GoPro Telescoping Pole). Bringing a film camera is also not allowed. Whether the equipment referred to in this article is not permitted is for the sole discretion of the Organization. If you are unsure of whether the photographic equipment you wish to bring is allowed, please contact the Organization by email prior to the Event.

8.3. In the event of use by a Visitor of the equipment referred to in Article 8.2 and not permitted on the Site, the Organization is authorized to:

    1. a) temporarily take the equipment into custody, until (at the Organization’s choice):
      1. the Event has ended; or
      2. it has been demonstrated by the Visitor that all recordings and possible copies thereof have been deleted; or
      3. a time to be determined if the Organization has reasonable grounds for it;
    2. b) remove the Visitor who acts in violation of Article 8.2 from the Site without the organization being obliged to refund the entrance fee.

8.4. Professional (press) photographers and/or persons who wish to take photos or film recordings of an Event for commercial reasons must be in possession of a valid accreditation from the Organization.

8.5. Emphasis on and/or takeover from the program (booklet), posters, other printed matter and/or digital expressions of the Organization or the Event is prohibited without the express prior written consent of the Organization.

8.6. The Organization is authorized to inspect whether action has been taken in violation of the aforementioned articles and is also authorized to seize and/or destroy possible registrations.

Article 9. Force majeure

9.1. In the event of force majeure, the Organization has the right to cancel or organize the Event on another date.

9.2. The term ‘force majeure’ as referred to in this article also means all unforeseen circumstances that have arisen without the fault or act of the Organization such as; illness or withdrawal of an artist, changes to the program or other situations of force majeure such as weather conditions, epidemics, strikes, global health problems, terrorist threats, etc.

9.3. If the Event is cancelled as a result of or in connection with force majeure, the Organization will reimburse the purchase amount (excluding fees) of the Ticket. The Visitor cannot claim any (damage) compensation from the Organization other than the refund of the purchase amount. A refund will only be made after an original, valid and undamaged Entry Ticket has been issued by the Visitor to the Organization.

9.4. Contrary to Article 9.3., the Organization is not required to refund tickets in situations such as cancellation due to illness or withdrawal of an artist, changes to the program or other situations of force majeure such as weather conditions, epidemics, strikes, global health problems, terrorist threats, etc.

9.5. As long as the event takes place, no refunds can be made.

Article 10. Liability

10.1. The Visitor is a consumer: The liability of the Organization is limited to compensation for direct damage, whereby the amount to be paid to the Visitor will never exceed the amount paid by the Organization’s insurer in the case in question. The Organization is never liable for indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost profit, missed savings and damage due to business stagnation.

10.2. The Visitor is a (legal) person who acts in the exercise of a profession or business: the Organization is solely liable for damage suffered by the Visitor, if and to the extent that damage is the direct result of intent or deliberate recklessness of managers of the Organization. In this case, liability is limited to compensation for direct damage up to a maximum of the amount paid by the Organization’s insurer in the relevant case.

10.3. Entering the Site and visiting the Event is entirely at your own risk. Safes for storing valuables are available – for a fee or not – on the Site, unless otherwise indicated. The use of a safe is entirely at your own risk. The Organization is not liable for damage to or loss or theft of the Visitor’s property.

10.4. The Visitor declares that loud music will be performed during the Event. The Visitor is responsible for taking hearing protective measures as needed. The Organization advises the Visitor to give the hearing to rest occasionally during the event by going to a space or place where no or less loud music is performed and to wear hearing protection at all times.

10.5. Changes or deviations in the program that occur after the purchase of the Entrance Ticket do not entitle you to undo the purchase (by, for example, dissolution or destruction) and therefore not to a (partial) refund of the purchase amount.

10.6. The Organization is not responsible for the way in which artists / acts implement their contribution to the Event.

Article 11. Dissolution

11.1. The Organization always has the right to terminate the agreement with the Visitor in whole or in part. In this case, dissolution means that the order of Tickets will be cancelled. Purchased tickets are no longer valid from that moment. When cancelling an order, the full purchase amount (excluding the fee paid by the Visitor) will be refunded to the Visitor. The Visitor cannot claim any (damage) compensation other than the refund of the purchase amount. If an order is cancelled after a Ticket has been issued to the Visitor, the purchase price will only be issued after an original, valid and undamaged Entry Ticket has been issued by the Visitor. This Article shall not apply where Article 9 applies.

11.2. If the Visitor acts in violation of the agreement (including these general terms and conditions), he may, among other things, be removed from the Site and further access may be denied. In addition, the Visitor is liable for all damage resulting from his actions. The amount to be reimbursed by the Visitor to the Organization is at least €150.00, even if the damage actually suffered by the Organization would be lower.

Article 12. Personal data

12.1. The Organization processes personal data of Visitors and Visitors to its websites in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 13. Final provisions

13.1. These general terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

13.2. These general terms and conditions have been drawn up in Dutch and translated into English. In case of any inconsistency between the Dutch version and the English translation, only the Dutch version is binding.

13.3. The District Court of Breda is exclusively authorized to take cognisance of disputes that directly or indirectly relate to any agreement or legal act to which these general terms and conditions apply.

13.4. Insofar as the court designated in these terms and conditions, in the event of an agreement with a Visitor being a consumer, is not relatively competent, the Visitor is entitled to choose to settle the dispute by the court competent under the law within one month after the Organization has invoked this article in writing.

If you have any questions in response to these general terms and conditions, you can contact us via

Version 1.0, dated March 8, 2020.

Op de camping zijn 2 mogelijke plaatsen beschikbaar: Een campingplaats voor Caravans, Campers, Vouwwagens en Grote tenten (8+ personen) en een tentenveld voor de kleinere tenten.


Campingplaats: Een gezamelijke campingplaats ticket voor een plek van 7×5 meter + voor iedere persoon een campingkaart, deze geeft je ook toegang tot het festivalterrein.

Tentenveld: Op het tentenveld heb je alleen een campingkaart nodig, deze kaart bied je ook toegang tot het festivalterrein. Op het tentenveld krijgt niemand een vaste plaats of beschikbaar aantal vierkante meters, iedereen schuift lekker aan!


Ik kom samen met 3 vrienden en wij slapen in een caravan, welke tickets heb ik nodig?

  • 4x campingkaart
  • 1x campingplaats
  • 1x autokaart


Ik kom samen met 3 vrienden en wij slapen in een tent, welke tickets heb ik nodig?

  • 4x campingkaart
  • 1x autokaart (optioneel!)

Kom je eventueel met een auto en wil je gebruik maken van de parkeerplaats nabij de camping dan heb je een extra Autokaart nodig, je kunt er ook voor kiezen om je auto gratis op de parkeerplaats te zetten bij de hoofdentree.

LET OP: Campingkaarten en campingplaatsen kunnen ALLEEN via internet in de voorverkoop worden gekocht. Tijdens het weekend is het dus niet meer mogelijk om zonder in het bezit te zijn van de juiste kaarten, toegang tot het campingterrein te krijgen. (VOL = VOL).

Huishoudelijk Reglement

Deze voorwaarden zijn van toepassing op alle overeenkomsten tussen Stichting Made’s Powerweekend (de organisatie) en bezoekers van haar evenementen. Bij het betreden van de locatie van het Made’s Powerweekend ga je akkoord met de volgende voorwaarden. Om het voor iedereen een leuk weekend te maken, houden we ons aan de volgende regels. Verder rest ons jullie allemaal een onvergetelijk weekend toe te wensen. 

  1. De organisatie kan personen bij wangedrag c.q. het overtreden van deze voorwaarden de toegang weigeren of verwijderen van de locatie van het evenement.
  2. Voor onze evenementen geldt geen minimumleeftijd, tenzij anders vermeld. Bezoekers moeten zich te allen tijde kunnen legitimeren met een geldig legitimatiebewijs. Bezoekers onder de 12 jaar worden alleen onder begeleiding van volwassene toegelaten.
  3. Aan personen onder de 18 jaar worden geen alcoholische dranken geschonken.
  4. Het is niet toegestaan om beeld- en/of geluidsopnamen van het Made’s Powerweekend openbaar te maken zonder vooraf schriftelijke toestemming van de NTTO en het Made’s Powerweekend.
  5. Bezoekers kunnen voorafgaand en tijdens het evenement worden gefouilleerd. Degene die zich hieraan niet onderwerpt, kan de toegang worden geweigerd.
  6. Roken is wettelijk NIET toegestaan in gebouwen en tenten. Dit mag alleen in de open lucht of in de daarvoor op locatie aanwezige rookruimte(s). Bezoekers die zich hier niet aan houden zullen door onze medewerkers worden aangesproken en riskeren verwijderd te worden van de locatie van het evenement.
  7. Made’s Powerweekend voert een zerotolerance beleid op het gebied van drugs. Indien er drugs worden aangetroffen bij een bezoeker zullen deze direct worden ingenomen en kan de organisatie besluiten de bezoeker de toegang tot het terrein te weigeren dan wel, als de bezoeker al binnen is, van het terrein te verwijderen. In het geval van het in bezit hebben van grote hoeveelheden drugs en/of vermoedens/constatering van dealen zal de bezoeker worden overgedragen aan de politie.
  8. Het is NIET mogelijk om tussentijds de locatie van het evenement te verlaten. Eenmaal buiten moet een nieuw ticket worden aangeschaft om weer toegang te krijgen tot het evenement. Bezoekers die in het bezit zijn van een combiticket bij een meerdaags evenement kunnen hiermee uiteraard wel op alle dagen van het betreffende evenement binnenkomen.
  9. Bezoekers zijn verplicht zich te houden aan voorschriften en/of aanwijzingen van de organisatie en haar medewerkers
  10. Het betreden van de plaats van het evenement en het bijwonen ervan is geheel voor eigen risico van de bezoeker.
  11. De organisatie is niet aansprakelijk voor enige schade c.q. letsel ontstaan aan bezoekers en/of goederen van bezoekers.
  12. Het is verboden de volgende zaken mee te nemen naar de plaats van het evenement: professionele foto, film- en andere (geluids- en/of beeld-) opnameapparatuur, lachgas, parfum, drugs, glaswerk, vuurwerk, (vuur-)wapens en andere gevaarlijke voorwerpen. Bij het in bezit hebben van wettelijk verboden zaken zoals vuurwerk of wapens zal de bezoeker worden overgedragen aan de politie.
  13. Tijdens het evenement kan er vanuit veiligheidsoverwegingen camerabewaking aanwezig zijn. Indien nodig (in geval van calamiteiten of ongeregeldheden) zullen de beelden beschikbaar worden gesteld aan de politie en/of justitie.
  14. Tijdens het evenement kunnen opnames gemaakt worden door de organisator en haar partners. Alle bezoekers geven bij binnenkomst stilzwijgend toestemming aan de organisatie om deze videobeelden en foto-opnames te verveelvoudigen, openbaar te maken en/of te exploiteren.
  15. Het is verboden tickets voor evenementen van de organisator aan derden door te verkopen, ter verkoop aan te bieden of in het kader van commerciële doeleinden aan te bieden of te verstrekken, zonder voorafgaande toestemming van organisator.
  16. Elke vorm van reclame maken voorafgaand, tijdens en na afloop van het evenement in en om de locatie is zonder toestemming van de organisatie niet toegestaan.
  17. Parkeren op de door de organisatie aangegeven terreinen is op eigen risico. De organisatie is niet verantwoordelijk voor eventuele schade. Auto’s die elders worden geparkeerd, kunnen worden weggesleept.
  18. De banen en het Parc-Ferme zijn verboden toegang voor onbevoegden.
  19. Het is niet toegestaan eigen drank mee te nemen naar het wedstrijdterrein. Non-alcoholische dranken mogen wel meegenomen worden op de camping, alleen voor eigen gebruik.
  20. Aangekochte dranken op de camping mogen niet meegenomen worden naar het wedstrijdterrein.
  21. Weder verstrekking van dranken en of food is niet toegestaan zonder schriftelijke toestemming van de organisatie.
  22. Versterkte muziekinstallaties zijn niet toegestaan. Enkel draagbare bluetooth speakers met een maximaal vermogen van 60watt.
  23. Van 07:00 tot 01:00 uur mag je geluid produceren. Je wordt eenmaal gewaarschuwd door de beveiliging. Hierna volgt inbeslagname van de geluidsbron. Deze kun je op vertoon van je legitimatiebewijs ophalen na het weekend.
  24. Open vuren zijn verboden, uitgezonderd is het gebruik van een barbecue.
  25. Gemotoriseerde voortuigen, met uitzondering van campers met een maximale lengte van 7 meter, zijn niet toegestaan op het campingterrein.
  26. Draagbare aggregaten tot maximaal 7,5 kVA zijn toegestaan op de camping. Wel dient de afstand tussen de aggregaat, de tent van je buren en jouw tent minimaal 3 meter te zijn.
  27. Tenten, caravans, vouwwagens en campers zijn toegestaan. Iedere afwijkende overnachtingsplek is niet toegestaan.
  28. In situaties waarin deze voorwaarden niet voorzien, beslist de organisatie.

Laatst gewijzigd: 23 mei 2023